Joyce's Open Kitchen, literally



It has been a period of utmost busyness in my life. Loads have been happening since we entered into the final quarter of 2014.

A few of our close friends have given birth, one of whom is our cell group leader. As a result, we have been trying to help them in little ways, and I have been helping to lead the preschoolers during cell meetings. My dad was hospitalized in October again which threw us into another period of darkness as we prayed fervently for the cancer cells to be kept under control once again. The children have been falling sick since the start of school holiday since mid-November, and then, there was my two younger ones’ mini birthday celebration just over the weekend! Oh, and then, the husband and I are undergoing some church courses meanwhile which meant we have to go through two months of eLearning, assignment deadlines, and going for extra meetings.

Meanwhile, the kitchen has gone through chaos. Both of my ovens, the mini toaster one and the big conventional one decided to retired one after another within the span of less than a week. The latter happened right at the moment when I flicked its switch on to bake my kiddos’ birthday cakes. There was a mad frenzy as I ran against time to buy a new oven, set it up and the bake like a maniac while i was at the tip of a nervous breakdown from all the stress and fatigue. Thanks to God we survived all that! The cakes did not turn out as nice as my trial bakes but then, the kiddos were thrilled to have their very own customized cakes baked by mama and that’s all that matters.

I had intended to post the recipes of the cakes post-celebration but seeing that they need tuning again now that they were subjected to the uncertainties of a new oven, I shall post them after some fine tuning experiments when I have free time.

meanwhile, here are pictures of some of my recentl kitchen exploits.

Okay, I certainly experimented more than these. It is just.. I keep forgetting to snap a picture of my food! 😓😫 I wish to always remember to so that I have a clearer documentation of the recipes that I have tried and which of those well down well with my folks. Oh well, that will be one of my new year resolution: TAKE FOOD PHOTO. 😅