Joyce's Open Kitchen, literally

Salted vegetables & duck soup


Introducing my top favourite chinese soup of all times! I remembered even during my days of pregnancy where I hardly have cravings (more like censors – I could only stomach a few selective dishes), I would occasionally yearn for this. I recalled my mom making this especially for me during my last pregnancy and even though I felt so sick and threw up everything later on; I slurped down a big bowl of it happily. Anyways. Here goes:



  1. With the exception of tomatoes, place all the other ingredients into a large pot (I use a cast-iron pot). Fill it with enough water so that all the contents are totally submerged, however, be careful not to put too much water which will result in too bland soup.
  2. Cook over medium-high flame until boils. After which reduce flame so that it continues to simmer for one and half hour.
  3. Add in tomatoes. Continue to simmer for half an hour more. Served.