About me

Hello. Thank you for dropping by!

I am a SAHM in Singapore. We have 3 little ones, well, 4 if you count the dog. And thankfully, I have a helper who tag teams with me when the husband is away at work in the day. I love pottering in the kitchen but am not having enough time doing that for now given that my job requires me to be on standby pretty much 24/7. Which is why I am thankful for a capable domestic helper who tag-teams with me, allowing me occasional experiments in the kitchen.

This blog is really meant to be a library for all my tried and tested recipes for both the helper and my future references, as well as work-in-progress recipes that I am still honing. And since I am at it, and well, I am a closet perfectionist, I thought I may as well do this cyber space up nicely and then pay-it-forward by sharing it publicly.


So there. That’s about it. And if it so happens that you want to be sure that I am real as opposed to a recipe-churning robot, come hear my daily ramblings,  I update at   Dayre.me/joycets.


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